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About Niagara Business 
& Innovation Fund
The Niagara Business & Innovation Fund  was launched in October 2014 in response to emerging economic and business development needs in Niagara.  The NBIF is the registered trade name of the South Niagara Community Futures Development Program which is now in its 35th year of creating opportunities for small and medium sized businesses in the Niagara Region.  The Fund invests in a wide range of business platforms from existing enterprise to new and emerging innovative ideas that will help transform the Niagara economy.

We work with a number of Niagara stakeholders to maximize impact to Niagara.  The Investment Fund generally invests up to $250,000 in both debt and equity financing structures that meet our due diligence and credit requirements.  Our strategy is to maximize investments with leveraged and co-investment partners.

We are committed to helping grow a more innovative Niagara supporting game-changing ideas to expand our regional economy and sustainability.