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Our Services
Strategic Planning and Execution

We help clients think through where they want to go and how they can get there.  We can help analyze, confront, and solve business problems.

Financial Planning and Management

We help with revenue and cost management, improving operational management, cash flow and working capital management, and forecasting and budgeting.

Capital Markets

If financing is required, the NBIF can help clients by leveraging our network of capital providers to find cost-efficient acquisition, leveraged or specialty financing.

From time to time the NBIF's angel and venture capital arm may invest across
funds and direct opportunities, backing new ventures, emerging private 
companies, and as a co-investing partner. We’ll invest early, we’ll invest late.  
We can lead the deal, we can follow.  Above all else, we invest in extraordinary 
people that strive to create a durable competitive advantage.

Incubator and Innovation Services

The NBIF has extensive experience in the Angel Investor community and is 
a member of NACO, the National Angel Capital Organization.  We are  geared 
toward speeding up the growth and success of start-up and early stage 
companies. We may invest directly, co-invest, or link to potential funding 
sources.  Our operating advisors include accountants, lawyers, and invaluable 
coaching and networking connections. We develop programs and strategies 
that are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients and guide and coach 
them through the start-up phase.

We have partnered with the Spark Innovation Hub in Niagara Falls where 
we have a diverse range of growth-oriented and mentoring facilities, including
programs to help build your business.

The NBIF can also provide management services to owner/entrepreneurs 
who require our specialized experience. We frequently assist clients in an 
ongoing capacity through board or leadership roles.

New Directions

The NBIF has embarked on a new direction to assist companies come to 
Canada through the Visa Start Up Program.  Details to be announced soon.